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  1. Good accounts of your journey back home in the times of a pandemic. First, your police friend in Chitral deserves my praise and tributes for what he said to you about following law and in this case the precautions set by govt and no laxity even if a close friend.
    Based on this I would like to ask you few questions.
    Why as a teacher you feel pride in breaking a rule or law and likes to fix things by using your connections through sifarish.
    When your student captain came to you at the check post why you did not advise him not to break the rule of standing in a queue and allow you to go away as a vip?
    Why you felt pride in bypassing all other people waiting in the queue and say contemptuously that even big fish have to wait for their turn in such queues?

    It’s possible there might also have been teachers like you but they have had no student officers there to help them out at that particular time.

    It is also possible sometimes somewhere you would again be in a long queue and someone would bypass you by using their connections and at that time what would you feel. Would be cursing the system and the sifarish culture which you seems to enjoy now?

    Why a teacher fails to play a role in instilling the sense in their students to follow the law and rules to bring a change in society.

    Secondly, you give credit to leadership of Chitral police for making the personnel a good example of high values and civility. You think the top officers in Chitral who mostly come from outside Chitral have taught high values to Chitrali police personnel.

    If we accept this, the personnel of Chitral Scouts also deal with Chitralis and other people in a very civilized and courteous manner. So who taught them this, their officers coming from outside?
    We all Chitralis are known everywhere as civilized people so have we learnt this attribute from others?

    Nadir Khan

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