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PTI workers criticize changes to district cabinets — 1 Comment

  1. Shujaur Rehman, vice president and Faisal Salahuddin, general secretary, have been imposed by no other than Senator Samina Abid of PTI from Mansehra by begging PTI chief organizer Saifullah Niazi. The PTI has already failed to clinch a seat in 2013 and 2018 general elections, but with the induction rather forced installation of the duo it would prove to be the last nail in the coffin of the party in Chitral. This is my firm belief that with the so-called appointment of the duo having zero contribution for the party, the party will soon turn out to be a king’s party, for which nobody especially those believing in the philosophy of Imran Khan ‘tabdeeli’ are NOT and NEVER going to vote. The sincere leadership of the party should immediately ask Prime Minister Imran Khan that on what ground the duo has been handpicked. What’s their contribution and did they even slightly deserve to be in the cabinet of the party in a district like Chitral? If the PTI is so confident about leadership qualities, plant these guys for a union councilor seat, and I am sure things will be clear to the party. A particular segment of people have once become quite active to hijack PTI like they did with PML-Q when Musharraf was there. A stitch in time save nine. Write to the prime minsiter to dig into the controversy and who is behind handpicking of the duo.

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