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Political parties demand corona screening facility in Booni — 1 Comment

  1. My question to the local leaders is; if, this was, still the responsibility of the local leadership then why the need has arisen to send two of the panaceas to the provincial and national assemblies through an expensive process of election from the public exchequer?
    I think this is one of the big betrayals and disloyalties with the people ever. There was a need that the local leaders instead of passing such resolution; should have thought of their mistake and must have denounced their fate on reposing confidence on such ineligible people. But that also needs a courage, honesty and of being loyal in intentions; unfortunately, as a nation we all are void of these qualities.
    Secondly, I am very much surprised to look at their wisdom that if the leaders you have chosen by a universal franchise look down upon you as weasels, skunks, earthworms etc, then what will be the worth of your resolution before the administration that has already understood the credibility of your people through their elected representatives?

    Bashir Ahmad

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