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Ex-DEO accused of hiring teachers illegally — 2 Comments

  1. Action Speaks Louder than Word!

    I think there is no need to give any sort of deadline instead if you had all the pre-requisite proves, you need to proceed to court to get stay on the illegal inductions. I am too much hopeful that PTI has won majorities heart with the slogan of justice and you will definitely get justice. We will appreciate if you expose all those who are indulge in the illegal hiring of staff.
    For several years, it is observed that Education department is the department doing induction purely on merit basis without any discrimination and nepotism. We want the department to transparent and to provide jobs on merit basis.

  2. Efforts of Teachers to expose allegedly corrupt practices in education department is highly appreciable. Chief Minister KP, Chief Secretary KP, Minister of Education, Director of Education, Chairman NAB and PM Imran Khan must take notice of the issue and cancel the appointments with immediate effect. The aggrieved parties are requested to take the matter in the court and plea must be taken that the officials involved in this corrupt practice must be terminated from the service so that other can learn lesson. Without severe punishment of corrupt elements system could not be improved and people of Pakistan can expect such step from PTI government which single slogan is eradication of corruption from the society.

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