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  1. I totally agree with this analysis. This is true of Chitrali men who hide their women and their eyes light up when they happen to see a Kalash women in the bazaars. – what a hypocracy.

  2. @Mustasim Billah sahib, You have all the right to disagree but please first read carefully what someone has said before commenting on it. Where have I said that the Molana was wrong in criticizing the media or even the women. In fact I expressed my appreciation for his pointing out the ills our society vis a vis dishonesty and cheating. What my point was that he should not give tips to get sins waived off through Ibadat. Our Holy Quran clearly says that Allah Almighty shall not forgive sins against huqooq ul ibaad. That is that! If you want I can send you the video clip where he is saying that if you recite durood Shareef once, your 2000 sins will be forgiven. In his latest video clip of today, I was overjoyed to see he is saying exactly what I am saying. Critical appreciation can change any body for the better -even a molvi.

  3. Molana Tariq Jameel is actually a preacher by nature and not an Islamic scholar of careful and up to the point narration. When his words flow on a direction that are almost unleashed to carry on a rhythm.
    As according to Khowar proverb ‘ dashmano khorayi kya korum’ this molana has started attending offices of government heads. May be he wants speed up the gradual rising fame of his preaching into an ultimate jump; whatever the motive might be, the inappropriate ultra- islamic loose language and semi- political notions have defamed him all over.
    Talking about un-islamic attitude and dressing of a section of women or calling journalists as liars are tolerable but on an occasion he calls the whole nation loser of faith that is needed to be mended by Imran Khan only who is master of faith. O my God, what a big bang of flattery.

  4. @Fardad: I completely disagree with you. Whatever the cleric said about media is 200% correct. The media lies alot whether it is western media or local media. To be more precise, “is media me jhut ki naani dafan he”.

    Whatever the cleric said about the women is again 200% correct. We all accept at heart it is wrong. But the problem with this society is: chaska lene k shauqeen sabi hein. If not, why the people cursing the cleric ask their daughters and sisters to seek a career in music and dancing. Those blaming the cleric would die if their ladies even slighly suggested to seek a career in showbusiness. A so-called modest man would love to scan a pantaloon and a half sleeves wearing woman but for their own women he would never prefer such a drss up.

    The cleric advocates for tobah. And this time again he asked all of us especially the ladies fond of pantaloons, half sleeves, singing, holding placrads with slogans of mera jism meri merzi or tan khashtaran tan nigur, tan zapan tan nigur (in Chitral context) to refer to God for forgiveness.

    You must accept dear Mr Shah that the society has collapsed. If an ordinary Chitrali girl can be seen talking like this and protesting with such placards to give a message to their poor parents who sent her to Islamabad or elsewhere to get some education, what to talk of a girl living in cities.

    Upbringing is main thing. Do wear jeans. Do wear sleeveless but following in the footatep of the mombati aunties and so-called nao dolatia elite of Chitral is nothing but would certainly prove to be the complete collapse of the whole generation.

    Let ua not go too far, see what is going on in Chitral? The Chitrali society has gone down the drain. Zawal giti sher mushirot. Ghechan nezinyan when they see a woman walking in the bazar or travelling in a pravate vehicle.

    Go to a shop, restaurant, park, or in private taxis, 99.9 percent would be interested in talks about beautiful girls and milfs This is a fact. Just see the standared of the so-called local poets and you will be shocked when you listen to their craps.

    Given the situation if someone – whether a mullah or a sharabi liberal – once in a blue moon, if takes the lead to expose these dirty people, we all must appreciate him as we ourselves have lost the moral courage to call a spade a spade.

  5. Never been a fan of molana Tariq Jameel, but during the subject program what he spoke about the absence of truthfulness and honesty in our society straight away struck my heart. It was quite unusual of him to mention the vices present in the society as he always gives ‘good news’ to muslims, thus is so popular. Must say, the molana has an indirect part in promoting dishonesty in the society -How ? he keeps on mentioning about soorahs and Ayats from the Holy Quran and quotes Ahadith which according to him when recited or when certain ibadats are performed, wash away sins of the person. e.g I heard him say that if someone recites durood sharif once, his/her 2000 sins will be pardoned and so many similar quick fixes.. With such ‘incentives’ to keep committing sins and wash them away with prayers, who would abstain from sins, whether it be men or women. He should do well to amend the priorities of his teachings if he wants the society to be free of sins instead of showing them easy way out to get sins pardoned.

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