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ہم کیلاش قبیلے کو جینے کیوں نہیں دیتے؟ — 24 Comments

  1. History of Chitral suggests that Chitralis or Khovs who had their centre of governance in Kosht were first to become Muslims through a gradual change never made by force, when the elite became Muslims by then centre of government shifted to Chitral which earned the tribe name as Chitrali. The Islamisation then turned to Dangeriks and then to Kalasha by 18th century who were the last to convert to Islam. Bashgalis were on the wake of conversion alongwith them but Afghan king made them do that allover when the area fell on their sidein 1895.
    Local people from Naghar village to Sin village up in the valley belonged to Kalasha tribe who gradually merged with the Muslim migrated kohistani or Khov population from the north. That conversion process still exists in the same way asbefore. No force or dictation was used even by Raees or Mehtar based governments. It is obvious that Muslims are firm in religious issues as compared to other religions. A woman feels herself secure in adopting Islam who will by then not be able to be persuaded to dance or serve wine to aliens. Moreover, her conversion will be defended by even a common Muslim.
    Some have declared Kalasha culture as a unique culture then would they summon their families to adopt it or participate in their all kinds of festivities? Certainly not, they will go there as a male and try to get entertained. At last Kalashas are also Chitralis and need respect.
    As for the name is debated. The real name is Kalash that is pronounced by Urdu speakers as kailash and English as Kalasha which is the compulsion of language.

  2. Khalil. Well written, can you please re write in English the same article in a same way. It’s not a letter for the readers but an article or a thesis summary. A huge logic is hidden behind this article. So this will be easy to understand for the new generation. Chitral is beautiful place. God bless you

  3. It is a well articulated write up Dr. Khalil if someone else will write this there will be another FITWAH against him. You are 100% right. We need to protect the Kalash as they are far better than us in many aspects. They are innocent people and have every right to live their lives according to their own cultural traditions. I dont want to argue who speaks the correct Khowar. The famous poet Afzal ullah Afzal has said last year that the people of lower Chitral speak in a more civilized way as they do not say “Qoyek, banagu, nokhperi’ and all these are stupid words. Thanks God Fasadi upper Chitralis have their own District now and they should not interfere in the matters of Lower Chitral. The problems created in Lower Chitral including this forced conversion are also the act of these Ghadai people from Upper Chitral.

    • @Gul Nasib: First of all let me tell you one thing that people of upper Chitral are far more educated, civilized, culturally rich than you. People like you have identity crisis because you have identity crisis because you practice Pashto more than anyone else, and we the people of upper Chitral don’t. As far getting a separate district is concerned, so listen: kisi ne plate me rakh ker nehi diya, cheen k liya he apna haq. We’d become fed up of you people cuz u r in no way real Chitralis. Who has given you the right to declare this word is decent or that word in Khowar is indecent? Neither you NOR Afzalullah are any authority on Khowar. Samaj aayhi? Gujjar war korak mosha tu ma Khowar chichesan especially when your whole areas communicate in Pashto? It is the people like you due to whom Kalash culture is about to die and you have up with a claim that people of upper Chitral could not speak proper Khowar. How dare you?

  4. @Anjad Shah
    I thionk you did not listen the interview of kalash lady at the bottom of the artical please go back and listen to it , we will go from there .. our problem always is we jump to comment section without reading or listneing to the what is said or written in the subject ,, Please go back and watch the video ..

  5. Nobody has compelled them to change religion, in the past or present. They have always found peace in their valleys . It,s more of a natural process. The kafirs of bashgal(now Nuristan) were decimated by the Afghans long time ago. Those who lament their decreasing number should have audacity to convert to Kalash- hood first. Chitral owes all it,s limited historical relevance and respect to people of upper Chitral otherwise the Afghans had plan for Kalash also. It,s time to see how lower Chitral will fare against Pashtoon dominance with great people like Khalil(doctor) at the helm of affairs.

  6. Dears you all bent upon blaming on islamic preachers,scholors and curriculum that they promoting islamic culture in kalash vally, if the kalash people embracing islam by their own will what is wrong with this?

  7. Dear Dr Khalil, I thought you were hesitant to pin point the people who sneak into Kalash valley in a bid to convert the Kalash people especially young girls and boys. I appreciate the way you took the lead in exposing those bent upon destroying a unique culture which is already near extinction.
    And yeh, I also come from upper Chitral so you will have to accept one thing that it is because people of lower Chitral Khowar language is at its last leg. If Khowar language is spoken and protected still, it is because of the people of upper Chitral. Otherwise Pashto would have been the local language of Chitralis long long ago.

    The broken Khowar spoken in Lotkuh area and lower Chitral is quite disturbing. The people who you claim of knowing Khowar better than people living in upper Chitral is not only INCORRECT but also MISLEADING. You will not find a single person communicating in Pashto in upper Chitral. (it is does not mean we can speak Pashto but we hate to prefer Pashto over Khowar). You will not find a single person speaking bad Khowar in upper Chitral. So given all this be grateful and give them some credit for it.

    Saifuddin, a lovely friend from Morder, is a very good Khowar speaker and quite literary man. Like so many other genuine Chitralis, he is equally concerned about downfall of Chitrali language. Another issue which the people of lower Chitral must give up is: stop communicating with a Pathans in Pashto like they do with us when we are in Peshawar or other Pashto speaking areas. Stop those using Pashto musical instruments for their third-rated so-called Chitrali songs.

    I am sure you will agree with me as about 99 percent of the people who have destroyed the Khow culture through their stupid so-called Khowar songs come from lower Chitral. Last but not the least, be happy as ‘SHOSHP” is still well liked and widely eaten ‘Chitrali taghaam’ in upper Chitral while people in lower Chitral are still into foul smelling pandeer, which we, the people of upper Chitral, will never replace with Shoshp, shoshp tiki, qalaibat, pushoor tiki, cheera shapik, laxhek, kari, chamborogh, etc.

  8. کتنا خوبصورت اور سچا جملہ ہے ” اخر میں کوئی کسر رہتاہو تو ہمارے مذہبی عناصر پورا کرتے ہیں۔ ہمارے مذہب نے اقلیتوں کے ساتھ کس قسم کے برتاؤ کا حکم دیا ہے وہ سب ہمارے علماء اس وقت بھول جاتے ہیں جب وہ کیلاش قبیلے کا سنتے ہیں۔ کبھی ان کے تہواروں کے خلاف فتویٰ صادر کردیا جاتا ہے تو کبھی کے ثقافتی پروگراموں کو نشانہ بنایا جاتاہے۔ ہمارے علماء یہ تک بھول جاتے ہیں کہ وہ غیر مسلم ہیں اور کسی پردے کا پابند نہیں۔ لیکن یہاں ہمارے علماء کلاش خواتین کو چترال کے کلچر کو خراب کرنے کا مورد الزام ٹھہراتے ہیں۔ مجھے افسوس ہوتاہے کہ علماء اس قبیلے کے حوالے سے کوئی ایسی غلطی کا ارتکاب کرتےہیں۔ میں نے جائزہ لیا ہے ایسا کرنے والے اکثر علماء اپر چترال سے تعلق رکھتے ہیں۔ میں خود کو دلاسہ دیتاہوں کہ چونکہ وادی چترال کو دو اضلاع میں بانٹا گیا ہے تو اپر والے ہمارے معاملات کو اپنے فتویٰ سے دور رکھیں گے۔ فی الحال یہ صرف ایک امید ہی ہے۔ آگے چل کر کیا ہوتاہے معلوم نہیں”۔

  9. @Saufuddin .. . If you don’t belong to Ayun or any nearby village of kalasha valleys .. Let me tell you since i was child the Kalash not kailash are called and written kalash .. the new name kalasha was introduce less than a decade before .. if you listen to interview of the lady she is still using the word kalash , not kalasha , not kailash .. if you belong to Torkhow Mulkhow techh or Mastuj don’t teach me about kalash please . Tell us about Shoshp etc

  10. @Mustasun Ballah sahab ..I had clearly mentioned the name of the people behind this act, but the owner and editor of Chitraltoday has his own standards. He did not publish the names. Can you ask him why he did not do that pleases?

  11. Let us call a spade a spade, as frankly speaking, I wonder, why Dr Khalil, is seen paranoid rather literally paranoid. Yes, PARANOID. He did not call out those bent upon upon converting Kalash especially young girls into Islam. In the instant case, the coke studio fmaed Aryana Azam embraced Islam. The question is how she converted to Islam? The answer is quite simple: someone must have accepted the gigantic task of spreading Islam and getting a ticket straight to heaven by converting a Kalash into Islam. fair enough! I would have appreciate if Dr Khalil who, some people have already pointed out, had great attachment with the valley and its people since his childhood. I am sure rather dead sure Khalil known his for his blunt and outspoken style must have been monitoring how a young Kalash girl embraced Islam? Kero na lab kushayi bhayi jan [Dr Khalil] if you are brave enough?? If you can not speak your heart out, if you can not come openly against those behind all this, stop eating up our brains by doing all this bulshitting.

  12. خلیل صاحب۔ آپ نے بہت ہی عمدہ طریقے سے اس سارے معاملے کی عکس بندی کی ہے ۔ یہ وقت ہے کہ حکومت اور سول سوسائٹی اس مسئلے کا ادارک کرے اور ان تمام عناصر کو لگام دے جو خود مغرب اور دوسرے ملکوں میں اسلاموفوبیا کا رونا روتے ہیں لیکن خود بدتریں کیلاشوفوبیا, اسماعیلیوفوبیا. شیعوفوبیا , یہودیوفوبیااور کافروفوبیا کے مرتکب ہوتے ہیں۔ ان کم ظرفوں کو جنت پکی کرنے کا ایک ہی شرٹ کٹ نظر آتا ہے کافروں سے نفرت اور انہیں زور زبردستی اپنی طرح کا مسلمان بنانا

  13. Firstly, the word is not Kailash as is written in urdu here and pronounced by the host, Mount Kailash is located in the Tibet Autonomous region of China. The population of Kalash has been declining since 50 years and the local govt. as well as the national governments have been silent spectators to that. First these innocent and harmless people were deprived of education, once the schools were opened; they were made to study about the dominant religion instead of their own culture and traditions. The irony is that no political party dared to even mention it in their manifesto or agenda. This debate is also focusing the issue but not the solution. what is the straightforward solution here? Same as everywhere they do: The Kalash should be taught about their own area, customs, culture, traditions whereas Muslims should study Islamyat. What objection could even arise on that arrangement and why? unless some of our brothers claim that its a Muslim country and no other curriculum can be taught here just like the Praxis of hegemony Naridra Modi has exercised recently in India against Muslims. Sane voice should prevail and preference should be given to larger good than individual gains. If Kalasha culture is preserved as is it is even today; it will bring economic benefits to the whole region in the long run; otherwise in the coming 50 years or so, this unique culture will stand extinct. And then it will be like the khowar mataal, “na tate door na mate khipini”.

  14. Based on facts. But our misfortune is that whenever a person speaks the truth and against the stereotypes they are declared insane, anti islam, and sometimes kafir and threaten to keep him silent. They do not know Islam and are themselves jahil and without coming up with arguments and debate would start personally attacking you.
    Allah give some knowledge to these people who have caused damaged to religion and brought a bad name for Muslims.

  15. Agreed Sir, You are the hero of future but you may have some problems for the time being. You have quite different approach. Keep it up

  16. A relative of mine who was in Gilgit has resided there and carefully observed the living there. Kalashian people lead a miserable pre historic kind of life. A big effort was made to convert them to Christianity in 90s by western mercenaries that failed as like their kinmen of lower Chitral, they have preferred to chose Islam instead.
    There are three types of people working for preservation of Kalash Culture now which is longer here to explain. One of the three types is that of local sots and hooligans who make use of the Kalash community as their only station or club. Kalash are by nature helpful and kind people. Mr Khalil Jughuru is their frequent visitor. They say they now and then nurse him while falling unconscious or wash him like an infant.

  17. It’s a sad fact that our curriculum is not the representative curriculum as we all know that Pakistan is a diverse state where we are teaching Hindus to be our enemies and Hindu student sitting in the same class. How the feel about this attitude instead a positive curriculum should be developed to be taught in the educational institutions.

  18. Imagine how would Muslims feel if all the non-Muslim countries of the West make it mandatory for their Muslim citizens to study Christianity.

  19. متفق ،مگر چار مہینے پہلے اب خود چندہ جمع کرتے تھے ک کوٹ میں کیس کرکے کالاش ایرے میں شراب کو ختم کرنے کے لیے کیا یہ تعضاد نہیں

  20. We can’t deny even a single word ,facts and fingers in this article,if nonmuslims are free in Pakistan to act and adopt their religion, traditions and cultures according to the Constitution of IslamIs Republic of Pakistan, so this article is enough an eye opener to the District Administration of lower Chitral in particular and KPK Govt in general.how Islamic studies is being tought as a mandatory subject for nonmuslims in Kalash valley ???why not is there any subject related to their own religion or Pakistan studies?? Yes its understanable they should have little bit knowledge about Islam, Muslims and their rituals cause they living in a Muslim country and society.is it an intentionally attempt by the Muslims syllabus makers to include Islamic studies for the upcoming Kalash children and generation??? Kalash valley, their cultures and traditions are so unique and more than century old so please save this culture and should not enforce conversion behavior ratio.we all are human beings doesn’t matter we are Muslims, Christians, jews, hindus or Kalash, on the end of the day we must answer to God by our deeds, not by religions or castes or tribes.Allah Tabarak wa Taghala says many times in the Holy Quran ” I will judge or measure all through their good deeds ( Amaaly e Saliha) nothing else.

  21. It should not be like that, the government should accommodate their citizens, what ever the are believing, and also it is a responsibility of those people to promote their culture and respect their culture & values and need to be confident, so the other people also will respect them, yes unfortunately there are some people the dont like other religion’s orr other cultures because it is just lake of knowledge or just of nonsense, the have to accept and respect others.

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