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Public response vital to contain coronavirus — 8 Comments

  1. Dear Dr sahb after long time saw ur article and the points u hilighted are fabulous, u r always expressing serious issues whether that may relate to any topic. . Any how our best wishes are always with u for ur success . There is a keen need of u in the field of journalism . .

  2. very informative write-up by Dr. Sarwar Kamal brief analysis of current pandemic, we should follow all the approved protocols and suggestions of Dr. Sarwar Kamal especially engaging junior medical students in treatment of covid patient.
    Well-done Dr. Sahb keep it up. May Allah Al mighty protect us from this pandemic Aameen.

  3. I would like to add few important suggestions both for the government and public. Nowadays in public circles the utility of Chloroquine which is a anti malarial drug is a very hot debate. In my humble opinion propagation of such information is very irresponsible, criminal and unethical practice. God knows may be in future it will be a useful drug but currently there are not yet proven clinical results and enough data suggesting its utility.
    The WHO is also warning and discouraging people about the use of Chloroquine. Self medication could be fatal. At the same the government should prepare its self for all every challenge. We should hope for the best but prepare ourselves for the worst. Let’s imagine if there will be high spike as a result our hospital will be flooded and overwhelmed by Corona Patients as result out numbering our doctors.
    What should be our response???? In the second world war the junior medical students were promoted to treat the injured soldiers in the battle field. This was an amazing idea to meet the demand of the doctors. This adopted practice was very successful during the war. Similarly, our junior medical students (4th and 5th batch only) can play there part. They can take care and treat the patients of corona virus. I am sure at this level they have enough knowledge and ability to deal with this challenge. The government has launched a website mic Pakistan. Pk/hackathon.Anyone can present there innovative ideas,opinions and suggestions the war as far as corona is concerned.

  4. U r the writer , who i always check your postes and the beautiful words of your’s.
    stay bless and keep itUp ❤

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