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Doctors in Chitral lack safety kits — 2 Comments

  1. China is reported to have sent testing equipment to Pakistan in aid through planes in bulk. These shall definitely be given to Hospital directly or through PDMA. The need is that sufficient quantity of testing kits to be provided to 5 hospitals at Drosh, Chitral, Booni, Mastuj, Garumchishma & Shagram in Chitral. Suspected patients to be tested and or samples collected locally and sent to Peshawar for report. Poor labors returning from GB are being sent back to Gilgit at Shandur.

  2. Seven years into power in KPK, PTI govt exposed for its criminal negligence in improving hospitals in the province. Where is its health reforms program and where are PTI leaders such as Abdul Latif and Rehmat Ghazi who never left any opportunity to propagate false claims of Imran Khan. Now seven years after your party came to power there are no sanitizers let alone doctors or nurses and medicines. Why your govt failed to repair the four ventilators at DHQ hospital for over four years, do you have any excuses for this, can you blame past govts, PPP, PML-N, or should you be ashamed of your false promises and criminal negligence and lies.

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