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MNA slams district admin’s decision to shut tunnel — 9 Comments

  1. When MNA is not in the meeting then closure of Lowari tunnel is wrong, but when he is invited in the meeting then closure of tunnel is not only Ok but necessary. Wah re MNA sahib, aapki kia baat hai. “Jaisay log waisa MNA”

  2. MNA is right, these govt officers do not understand issues and culture of chitrali people. If they take all members into confidence what is wrong. MNA is also saying this. Why lock down when there is no such lock down in any part of KP.

  3. Keep distance and stay away from crowd, this is not time for politics. 49 thousand people gave you votes not to make speeches but to resolve public issues. don’t create mess.

  4. our MNA seems not interested in public safety but angry for not asking him before lock down. MNA sb you are supposed to make law in parliament not to manage civic issues and issue orders. Let DC and AC and police to work and follow the orders to become a role model for others.

  5. You are MNA instead of crying like women, do something if you can otherwise let the Distirct Administration do their work

  6. How about MNA sahib flouting govt orders of to not make speech in Juma prayers and keep the prayers short. He made a one hour speech and led a lengthy prayers. In fact it is a case of ‘the kettle calling the pot black’.

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