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Coronavirus rumour case against me is baseless: Mukarar — 4 Comments

  1. For just expressing his worry about anything a citizen of the area has been directly charged by the district government only to show how much Pakistan is curious about foreigns and how our voiceless common folk are easily suppressed. Is there no room for even opinions for a citizen. Would he be charged if he would have been a politician, beaurocrat or a wealthy lord, no.. never.

  2. It is an offence as well as uncivilized act to take someone’s picture without his/her consent. Over confidence gets you killed !

  3. The district administration itself created panic about a non issue by registering FIR when Irshad just expressed suspicion. Govt officials should not misuse the law and improve their work. There are no doctors in hospitals and beds are without sheets where patient have to be kept. They should also ensure medicines in hospitals and doctors as well.

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