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Ismaili volunteers repair portion of Garam Chashma road — 6 Comments

  1. In order to be a responsible part of Civil society one has to set an example and followers of His Highness Aga khan has proven over and over again serve humanity Bani Adam and you will serve Allah. its not out doing each other but coming together as brothers and sister to uplift the condition of the people that we live with. arman7861@yahoo.com

      • Mr Khwaja I have no Doubt our beloved Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him said about serving Allah’s creation than why majority of the Ummah are dis-regarding his guidance, Look around you than extend your vision beyond and you will see majority of our brothers and sister are living in deplorable conditions while others are looting the nation with greed and serving their Grand masters overseas, the only way out of our conditions is reaching out and giving a helping hand to less fortunate there are over 1.5 billion Muslims in the world all it will take is one Muslim take the responsibility of one brother or a sister in need and we can eliminate worldly misery. It can be done in many ways for example, give your time, knowledge or resources that you have on hand, these are the ways of our Prophet. I am glad we have ope.ned this subject on this Forum hope others will come forward and do their part

  2. In my opinion this is inappropriate to mention a social work with the name of a specific sect. What is the theme to be promoted? mocking or creating attention towards sects.
    They may mention Garamchashma volunteers or Upper Chitral Volunteers. Goodwill should be the basis.

  3. Dont worry with the close coordination of Abdul Akbar MNA chitralis are ready to destroy the Hindustan and with the help of MPA chitralis are ready for dharna and getting dizzel permits.

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