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Hang us instead of Musharraf, say APML activists — 5 Comments

  1. Some how unfortunately suicide is vary common in Chitral.so our request to all these emotional individuals is must jump in to the river of Chitral in the name of Dictator Musharraf so it’s a kind of Sawab and Shaheed too. Don’t worry about your death bodies Edhi workers are vary active in Chitral.but make sure have a strong decision.just don’t bark.

  2. This concept of suicide is derived from past Indian culture named Atma Hathya for a single one and Javhar for mass suicide. We are simple Muslims and our faith is trying hard to the last.
    As for struggle is concerned If the same people supporting him are asked to fast for 3 days for Musharraf, they will curse on him right on first day afternoon. Musharraf’s active participation in party was when denied, few left all his voters with their leaders turned side towards PLMN in their best interest. This is the reality on ground.

  3. What these people want to say by offering to be hanged in place of Musharraf. They don’t worth it. Is there any law under which a person could come up and say ‘hey save my father;s life and hang me.” Before making such rubbish claim, they should have consulted a good lawyer.
    But I don’t think they meant what they said. They just want to get publicity and come into the good book of someone.

  4. Some weeks back, Sirajul Mulk openly declared of initiating legal proceedings against the special court, through a “best legal brain” in a bid to CREATE history by saving Gen Musharraf. But he along with his ‘best legal brain’ has mysteriously gone missing after the general was awarded death sentence. He claimed of undertaking an emergent trip to UAE all the way from Chitral to have a glimpse of the hot headed commando and now a convicted former president. To ensure that he actually made a trip to Dubai, he stressed that the pet dog of the Mush barked at them when he entered his tiny flat. The way Sirajul Mulk made a failed attempt to create a SCENE out of his love for Musharraf (as he cast his vote for Iftikhar and Suboor in 2018 elections) made me think for a few seconds that he along with some of Mush’s die-hard supporters would volunteer to HANG them instead of the convicted general. But it is quite disappointing to see he is seen nowhere when the general is in dire need.
    Kya yeh khula tazada nehi he Shazda sahab??? I think it is an open contradiction.

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