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DC Lower Chitral included in BoG of Langlands School — 3 Comments

  1. @Afzal Muhammad: I would say NO. Let these doctors run Chitral University first, which is still in infancy. And the DEOs should better manage the third-rate government schools which, I think needed much more attention and hard work to be at part with the MOST poorly run Jang Bazar section of TLSC.

    Let Dr Riaz Hussain stay at PTDCC which needs drastic changes as his institution is not doing quite well. No one from Aga Khan Education Service should be made part of the school’s BoG as these people are good for nothing. I am NOT IMPRESSED of them. Their performance is pathetic despite having all the resources. If AKES is performing a bit, it is NOT because of these people, it is due to the vision of His Highness.

    These people have zero contribution. They just look big and kinda intellectuals by sitting in these institutions otherwise they have no capacity to run even a primary school. District Accounts Officer’s idea is also equally bulshit. The idea of parents is not bad. But a parent should have the exposure or else Siraj and Carey will get them dance without dhol.
    Also what’s the contribution of these people in all this battle? The answer is: ZERO.

    We know who can better represent the parents and which government official should be made part of the BoG. Any attempt by any one who has not even bothered to say a single word throughout this controversy to suggest or to become part of the BoG will have to kiss the dust. We have made hectic efforts and after great hardships succeeded to re-include the DC in school’s BoG.

    So my suggestion to all those building castles in the air for becoming BoG members will end up in smoke. Only those who raised voice against the alleged embezzlement in the school will pull the strings and no one else. A man sitting in a cozy office as a silent spectator now flexing muscles to be the BoG membe, will be given a more dangerous dose.

    I am sure it is clear to those flexing muscles to become part of TLSC in whatever capacity. Let me repeat, Carey and Siraj’s sympathizers have NO ROOM in the school and all those who did not speak their heart out during all this controversy are their sympathizers.

  2. BOG members should be from Chitral having rich experience of working in education sector. From my perspective, Dean faculty of education Uni of Chitral (Dr. Taj Uddin), DEO, Head of PDCC (Dr. Riaz), DC-Lower Chitral, Distt account officer, MNA, MPA and two parents representatives should be constituted in BOG.

  3. Good start. Next step shall be to independently verify if the BOG/School actually paid Siraj Rs.5 million which will be a huge conflict of interest and corruption. The last step in the long run will be to remove Siraj from the educational institution.

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