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82-year-old American hunts markhor in Chitral — 4 Comments

  1. how much the community has so far received from the price of the kills. Is there any community befitting from trophy hunting in Toshi area. A detailed probe is needed on it.

  2. I believe trophy hunting is permissible by law and to add to your info, they pay huge amount of licence fee I.e. thousands of dollars; part of which goes to the local community to protect the rest in the conservancy. This is one sustainable approach. Why don’t the locals stop illegal hunting instead?

    • It may be legal and it may be bringing money, but it certainly is disgusting to see poor animals/birds being killed for pleasure. In primitive times it was a need for survival. Now it is unnecessary and pure sadism. It shows the sick mind inside the killer of harmless birds/animals who ask for nothing from life except the chance to live on their own. Chitralis as a lot are big culprits in this respect.

  3. The idiot should seek thrills elsewhere in a world full of opportunities instead of cruelly killing an innocent animal for his pleasure.

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