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Awi – a village of natural beauty — 6 Comments

  1. Many names of villages have been corrupted by officials who come from outside. This can be seen on roadside nameplates. It is Dros not Drosh or Darosh, Chetrar not Chitral, Yarkhoon not Yarkhun, Buni not Booni and so on. Local writers should take special care of these names.

  2. Somebody said Oyon village is English corrupt of the A-One, similarly Awi as you said is away, please avoid it neither Oyon is A.One nor away is Awi. We feel pity for Grimlasht of Reshun turned to Greenlasht. Considering own self inferior is the token of our majority people. Moreover, Awi is a village and not a valley.

  3. Nice info about Awi with touch of history of its people. Indeed Awi is a very fertile land that ha produced a number of sagacious people. thanks to writer and also Chitral today.

    • My dear sister I want to add some thing that in your article you mention Muridae clan that is not exists. I want to tell every body that we all are Sheghne clan and the reason many people say muridae is that our clan follow the guidelines of peer. Kndly remove this from the article.

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