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Parents worried as Langlands School deadlock deepens — 2 Comments

  1. Whoever is playing whatever role, they should NOT be allowed to play with the future of the students. And students should NOT be part of such blame game. This is an indirect lesson being taught to them. A single moment is so important in a student’s academic life, that no king or queen can return it to the students. It is high time for parents to keep away their children and school should resume it responsibilities as soon as possible. All the parties are playing with the future of the students. This is the time when a school has to conduct assessments and involve and engage parents in the process, but it is so pity that both are involved in business not worthy and poor students are suffered. I urge all the students not to be part of any game and concentrate on their studies and prove themselves that they are future leaders of our direly needed nation.

  2. No one naming the elephant in the room. Let me do that. The school ran like a well oiled machinery with regular consultations from teachers and parents until Shahzada Siraj became a member of its board. Captain Siraj has been trying from day one to make and project the school a project of his royal family, the evidence of which is abundant and everyone knows that. But he is well connected nationally and no deputy commissioner dared to challenge him except Osama. Things were so bad that a DC called Irshad Sodhar acted like a pet to him and our local Mafia man used to accompany the DC on all official tours. He is not an educationist, he had nothing to do with running a school but he is most influential member of the board. It is high time he be removed from the board and is told just to run his hotel and not act like a Metar as we aren’t living in early 20th century …

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