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MNA seeks arrest of Langlands School principal, BoG member — 7 Comments

  1. Molana is right to say all that. Do not use inappropriate words for Molana. If he does not possess a big business, never mind. He is a poor, common but an honourable man who has not collected any fortune by corruption. He is the one who worked hard for the tunnel of Lawari while many opposed that.
    The one who has excluded DC from the Board of Governors and who has included people not concerned with the system of education has created all the problem that makes people suffer . Is it not as easy to usurp an institution?
    When an institution is tried to be dragged into a purpose other than education then certainly it will face anti-educational based repercussions.

  2. The MNA’s tirade may be understandable as he needs some issue (mostly non issue) to blow up, inorder to keep himself politically alive. What is sad is that parents including well educated doctors, lawyers etc are also opposing the lady. The actual biggest grievance of these parents is that their children are not allowed to cheat in exams which is unacceptable to them because they themselves have grown up in a culture where cheating in exams has been considered a normal thing.

  3. How Maulana will explain where did all the funds that were earmarked for local government go. There are no audits and no out cry, it is very clear to everyone that who is in the local government for the last 10 years.

  4. This person has proven his immaturity time and again. He only wants to play politics on issues instead of resolving them. He could not open Lowari tunnel, he could not finish unjustified load shedding, he could not solve drinking water problem. Only fond of firing into the air opposing personalities instead of addressing issues. That is not what an MNA is supposed to do.

    • How sad the MNA once again shoots himself in the foot. He get over excited by the decision of a court that has no authority to decide the issue before it. The Peshawar High Court has unequivocally said that this is the domain of the Private School Regulating Authority. What the MNA could have done was to sit with the parents, the students, the Board of Governors and brought about a reconciliation and made all of them to agree to the issues which are being agitated and regarding which each party has strong views. The issues are: How many teachers are agitation. Information in Chitral shows that only 10% are involved and the rest like good old Chitralis keep quiet and behave like gentlemen; find out how many students are involved; find out the problems in the school: how many of them are genuine and how many just a fiction to whim up frenzy; have a look at the Accounts which the school auditors who are a reputable firm say are in order and to come to an agreement if any funds are abused. Lastly see if the governance can be improved through greater inclusivity and broadenining it. These are issues for educationist and not for the Maulana who should refrain from getting into issues which he little understands. A little bit of humility will do him a lot of good. Another piece of advice is for some of my friends on this forum who blame every second person a thief. It so interesting hearing this. Can the good Maulana explain where did all the funds that were earmarked for local government go. There are no audits. Indeed there are untraceable both on the books and in the field. In the school we are talking of Rs 120 million or so with most of it having gone into salaries so its easily traceable but the local government funds are not. But no one is called a thief. Similarly someone should also investigate all the Disaster Management Funds which I am told disappeared in the duplication of work. The crusaders in the Chitral Towm dont talk about this because it too close to home

  5. Interesting Development.

    MNA ko langlad ke elwa corruption nazar nhi arehi. Dunya ham par hans rehe hain.

    Ye jab parliament jata hai to Pakistan ka saddar ban ne ki koshish karta hai or pata nhi. Ye saab parliament mai apne ap ko Pakistan or Umma ka bara rahnuma banata nazar a raha hai. Jahan inki zaroorat he hi nhi. Ye wohan kod parta hai.

    Chitral ke masale is baba ko nazar nhi ate.

    Corruption inko sirf aik private school ma nazar ayi. Inka apne idaron ke magar machon ke baare mai b kuch to bole. DC Office se Tehsil tak sab chor bhete hain.

    AKRSP or SRSP ke chororn ka kia?

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