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An aimless political movement — 6 Comments

  1. how you can say it is aimless when so many people have gathered on call of molana fazal. When PTI gave darna in 2014 to oust govt was it legal. No it was not.

    • Let me clear it first how it is aimless . You are talking about Pti dharna back in 2014. That dharna started with members of legislative body and was led by member of legislative body. They were working to eradicate corruption and were successful. They started the movement with solid objectives that lack in the current azadi March.
      Secondly , read article 256 of the constitution which makes it clear how it is illegal.
      My brother don’t confuse aimless with illegal please.
      Thank you.

  2. Well written. But ground realities do indicate the incompetence of the present government that also makes it a serious food for thought.

    • It takes time for a tree to face the seasons and give fruits. Let’s wait and support the tree ,provide it with conditions so we can get the fruits

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