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Langlands teachers explain reasons to oppose principal — 6 Comments

  1. Thanks to the teachers for standing against the irregularities and mismanagement. This is also the right time to inform the public about the teacher’s efforts and share success rate of SSC and FA/FSc results. As far as i know, none of the last year’s district toppers of SSC examination was from Langland’s school. Can anyone share which school topped in FA/FSc last year?

  2. School is like a home and teachers ,students and non traching staff are considered members of the family.In family matter each individial is respected,encouraged,and enabled for the future.In the recent senerio of the Langlands school and college the gulf is clearly visible that the school administration has failed to touch the hearts of the members.When we mathematically culculate majority are against the principal.Here a big question arises if the principal has returned how can she face the members and vice versa.

  3. I am not supporting either party. Just writing a few lines as a neutral Chitrali person.

    Regardless of who should lead the school, we must realize that the school has not been able to deliver good quality education as per the mission of this school. The quality of education has been deteriorating day by day. On the other hand, it us gradually becoming inaccessible for those who don’t have approach to the school leadership and others who can influence admissions in the school.

    An educational institution like this can’t be run with the directions of the individuals. Certain school policies and procedures must be in place for running such a big school. After that individuals come and leave but the school will continue to deliver. If you look at other school system such as the Aga Khan Schools, they have put in place systems which help the school leadership and teachers to manage the school. On the other hand, there are strong professional development programmes for the school leaders and teachers. If this school has to perform it must be transformed completely. Handing over the school to the government may results in good salary, job security for the teachers. But the school doesn’t necessarily provide quality to the students. Look at the government schools, they haven’t been able to deliver. Neither the current school structure not the government education department has the capacity to improve the school. If we want quality, we may request the Aga Khan Education Service Pakistan to take over the school, conduct screening of the existing teachers and replace those who are not able to deliver, replace them with good quality teachers and transform the school as a quality school. Otherwise, the local people in the surrounding of Chitral will continue to receive mediocre education and the people in the valleys will get quality education.

  4. I was deeply shocked to see this chart,how miss carey ran this school for four five years with these rules?The idea of spoil the child and spare the rod is still being practised in this school.Each point contradicts pakistan educational policy and basic human rights.Now a days all institutes are being run in democratic and sharing bases,the idea of boss is always right has gone.Our british principal should have run this school according to modern administrative way taking all the teachers on board,creating the spirit of team work but all this points show that she is a dictator not a principal.If i were there i would have opposed her in each point.

  5. All the points in the complaint list need to be looked into. However the first two points do not appeal to me. 1. “The principal is not a professional educationist”. The principal needs rather to be a good administrator. Maj Langlands was a professional educationist but under him the school was destroyed because he was not a good administrator.
    The second point reads “She is aged having sixty five years”. What was your favourite Langland sahib. Was he a teen- ager? He was nearing hundred when principal. If age mattered Donald Trump would not be president of US at 84 and Mahatir PM of Malaysia at 93.
    Some of the other points can also be debated while some do have weight in them and need to be looked into and rectified, may be by the sitting principal herself.