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MPA warns against intimidating Langlands School teachers — 2 Comments

  1. The response of our political leaders (MNA and MPA) is interesting. I bet that neither of them have ever bothered to visit and interact with the school administration, teachers and students. Suddenly they have woken up from sleep and realized that they also can do some politics on this issue. The issues highlighted by the teachers do not only exist in Langlands school but almost every school in Chitral have more of less the same issues whether its government owned or private. I would request our elected representatives to refrain from politicizing the issue and giving statements without investigating the matter. Better if they visit the school, discuss with the administration and try to resolve the issue.

  2. The true essence of modern education is democracy,where the self-esteem of an individual is respected but the british principal is bent upon imposing her own-will, violating basic human rights.It is said,” give respect and get respect”!!!