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KP govt puts future of Chitral University at stake — 3 Comments

  1. This is continuation of Imran Khan’s promises of naya Pakistan. Everything he had told nation is becoming true in reverse. His crore jobs drama is taking away jobs of more than that. Chitral university employees should resist this move and we all are with you.

  2. Students of Chitral University will not tolerate this irresponsible behavior of Provincial Government and local leadership , the MNA , MPA’s included , ISF will make sure we cope with this issue and give our blood and sweat regarding this matter as we already know the ground realities and hazards of education in Chitral . Inshallah the students will support our voice .

  3. Nawaz sharif wanted to set up the university and released huge amount but the PTI govt is still reluctant to acquire land in Chitrral. Similar was the case with the plan of NS to set up a modern hospital in Chitral but the KP govt did not allwow it to happen. who is friend of Chitral?

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