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Aga Khan diagnostic centre in town not acceptable: JUI — 11 Comments

  1. someone might be prodding the halwais after getting wind of a serena and a diagnostic centre. these molvis have been used as proxies by others for their own interests.

  2. Aga Khan hospital is set up in Karachi, Serena is located in Islamabad and other cities which are also part of Pakistan and where all Muslims and non Muslim live. But Chitral is still a fiefdom of the molvis who issue fitwas and openly announce to create law and other for their own vested interest. I think security forces will take care of you molvis if you try to continue your badmashi in the name of Islam. What role you or your leaders or your party had in creation of Islamic republic of Pakistan.??

  3. JUI and JI have been anti development, they don’t want people to be educated , healthy and economically stable. They some time do their messy politics and sometimes play on the directives of vested interests. Now they are those use Malvis for their hotel business should not affect from hotel and diagnostic centre.

  4. It is not 1982 ,it is 2019 .We are surprised why do the business- intrested people hide their faces behind JUI and sometimes behind JI?

  5. Give some gracious tip to a few of their top vocal leaders and everything would be acceptable. If they don’t get their share of halwa, nothing is acceptable. So much for their principles.

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