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Three killed while repairing flood-damaged water supply lines — 2 Comments

  1. Hello everyone !
    I have a question about the incident of Mori Payeen in which precious lives were lost and many got injured.
    1. Whether the Water supply scheme being repaired and the incidence occurred was operated by PHED or it was communal?

  2. A shame on MMA . It haddto be one day the way each and every govt show step mother care about KOH region. From 28 years the self base service has been there .
    Other view is if u look at the road ;the mastuj road, which is in its pathetic condition for the the last few years. A patient dies before reaching hospital . Students suffer alot . Common populace is just in hell having this horrific route full of cracks and pitholes.
    Simply its a faliure of democracy in chitral . No single leader know what democratic values are . Being a part of this region I hereby convey that we can call for a gaint protest if this behaviour of govt continues .