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“Unceremonious ouster of Sikendar an attack on Chitrali culture” — 4 Comments

  1. It’s just skindar and his brother want to show their power.DC had closed their chopper restaurant due to security reasons. This everyone Will see one day ,how this dead chopper is dangerous for flights. Skindar is now almost 66 years old man, and how long he will play ,its not just symbol and give a someone else chance to lead the team. I am sorry about booni people who are being used by one group . DC is honest with chitralis may be not with one family. Don’t make it controversial. Skindar looks like a mature man.its ok enjoy the watching game and guide the team.

  2. It is not a matter of one individual. It is about disregarding the decision of the selection committee comprising of experienced polo players. If Chitralis allow their prominent personalities to be wrongfully degraded by officials, that is display of a poor culture, I must say. Thanks God Chitralis stood up to principles for a change.

    • Indeed It is matter of one man like one man show in a field. There are more than four people in selection Committee, the rest agreed on the decision that new young and player captain should come instead of 78 years old captain

  3. It, may or may not be unceremoniously, but not an attack on the Culture of Chitral. A single polo player has to do nothing with the complete culture. Poorly defended