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GLOF alert issued for Chitral — 1 Comment

  1. Can someone explain how can there be Glof warning for all over Chitral. GLOF phenomena should be where there are glacier and lakes formed by glaciers which burst because of overflowing water which itself is the result of high temperatures. Can one identify the valleys where GLOF is possible in Chitral. Some years back when there were huge and widely spread floods in Chitral it was declared that this was GLOF phenomenon when it was not. It was heavy outburst of rain that caused these floods. The recent Golane pheomena was a GLOF occurance and similarly some years back the phenomena witnessed at Sonoghur village was a Glof phenomena. But to claim that every flood in Chitral is a GLOF phenomenon is misleading. It is specially so when PDMA which is supposed to be the the provincial body handling these events shows total ignorance of them and keeps repeating the GLOF script. This is a typical case of the solution driving a problem when in fact it should be the other way round where the problem drives the solution.