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Black day: PPP vows to continue struggle for democracy — 7 Comments

  1. To implement the ideology you have to give people the basic necessities of life (in PPP’s term, Rooti, Kupra, Makkan). If you deprived them with the basic rights (through corruption), the ideology will be a mere slogan. PPP has to clean the dirt and give the people confidence. Once there, they will themselves fight the undemocratic forces.

  2. Anti democracy people always point fingers at PPP by targeting it as a party of Zaradari, ie a corrupt man. PPP is not Zardari but an ideology under which common people are to decide who to rule the country. There will be either PPP or dictatorship as there is no third democratic party.

    • Hahaaaah, what a joke .the concept of comman man is here in chitral where few individuals divided the chitralis for their own interests and this ideology transfer one generation to another and these people dont know how this ideology put their and their children, s moral down. And they are happy with jiye Bhutto.And these people dont know the fuedals system transfer from one generation to another. Ideas and ideology develop nations not family system. From sind ,baluchistan, punjab and nwfp show me one person out of fuedals family and it come from 1947.only chitral but unfortunately there is lake of leadership in every corner.

  3. Black day for za Bhutto family but white day for Zardari family and present ppp

  4. PPP can regain its glory, IF and only IF it officially disassociates itself from Zardari dynasty and its beneficiaries.
    The sooner the better it is for Pakistan politics.

  5. PPP’s struggle for democracy means struggle for further opportunity to carry out CORRUPTION, which is the hallmark of this party. During both tenures of Benazir, corruption was formally institutionalized and government jobs were publicly auctioned. Who can deny that.

  6. Present PPP, including Zardari and Bilawal with all PPP workers should be thankful to ziaul haq and the pak army to demolish Bhutto, a government in 1977 otherwise today bilawal and Zardari group could be in the street sealing cinema tickets. After Bhutto’s regime present ppp group found a chance to hijack the party. Today Bhuto is live in the lips of bilawal, Asif Zardari and jeeyale’s because of Zia.