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Protest rally terms Zardari’s arrest political victimisation — 4 Comments

  1. PPP is the real democratic party and has gone through thick and thin since its establishment to protect democratic values and people’s rights in Pakistan. It rendered the sacrifices of its founder and later its chairperson but never bowed to dictators. PPP founder Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was the first political leader who gave a voice to the poor people of Pakistan.
    It is unfortunate that through a well hatched campaign an impression is being created among the common people that political figures and political parties are corrupt and responsible for all the ills of Pakistan.
    Hidden forces have always used puppets to achieve their own vested interests by installing them in governments. One such puppet has been brought to power now who even does not know how to confront the opposition.

  2. No sane person can support PPP. Just imagine the slogan “aaj bhi bhutto zinda hey” does it make any sense other than agitating the emotions of the poor people which it has harmed the most. It is dying a natural death now. It’s pseudo ideology has fooled the people for too long. It institutionalized corruption and one of it’s minister on TV openly declared “hamara bhi corruption per haq banta hey”.

  3. What a party and what a party workers,its a joke ,chitrali people are protesting against government and judiciary system of Pakistan for thief and corrupt person. These people keep their hands on Quran pak and say that Asif Zardari is not corrupt and he did nothing. Please be a good and honest human being. Dont compare your dignity and honesty with other people of Pakistan.

    • Khan SB. What a clear and crystal comment for our chitrali brother and sisters. It’s 20th century and we are act like a blind person.Ppp and Pmln are the real enimy of our lovely land Pakistan.They deserve to spent the rest of their life in jail like other crminals unless they pay back the looted money of our nation. God bless U and keep it up..Pakistan and IK zindabad..Ameen…