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Denial of school job to landowner’s son protested — 4 Comments

  1. These people are right. under a policy, all schools in Chitral, and I believe in other parts of KP too, are built on private land. before starting construction of any school, the local education department signs an agreement with the landowner that all class 4 jobs in the school would be given to his family.
    If the government has changed its policy it must also have devised some policy to compensate the landowner. Or the landowner should be paid cash in lieu of his land.
    Currently, when a class 4 retires, his kids are denied the job and the post is filled by sifarish of mpa or mna which is against the law as well as is injustice.
    some poor people have given their only piece of land to education department in hope of getting job but now they are being tricked. the govt should clear its stance and not allow dolling out of these posts by political parties.

    • A ridiculous practice introduced by govt assuring class 4 job for land owner. Such appointees do not work and no body can terminate their service. Instead the govt should pay full compensation to land owner at the time o acquiring the land and then appoint class 4 employees on merit which in this case is open ballot.

  2. Great job moulana sab.You got your vote for Islam. Because you belonged to mma.(Mutahida Majlis Amal) it looks like you both mna and mpa belong to heavy weight fighting club MMA.does Islam allows to snatch someone, s right and right of ownership.? And specially in Ramadan.

  3. We had read in newspapers that all such appointments will be on open ballot basis and not on any other basis. In that case both the parties are wrong and more wrong is the government which cannot implement what it announces.