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Food packages sent by Saudi charity distributed in town — 3 Comments

  1. this tabdeeli sardakar is making poor people dependent on charity of other countries. what a nonsense a few packs of edible items being handed over to chitrali people as though they are dying of hunger. why this govt is unable to make long term plan for the poor. PTI is now in power in KPK for six years and has done nothing for chitral except keeping people on empty promises and slogans.
    Imran khan should feel ashamed of keeping our people on charity and khaiarat of others.

  2. Wow. Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (PBUH) has said,if you help someone or give something to someone from your right hand for ALLAH your left hand should not know and not aware but here the situation is very different. If I am wrong, is it not respecting or not following the Pak Hadith. Insulting poor people….

    • Salam every one,

      #Khan kN & #Nadir Khan
      1. Regarding tabdili, you must know the facts. Dont close your eyes like Billi. if some poor people are taking benefit from this help you must appreciate the donor agency instead of criticize.
      2. Regarding the Hadees,Dear this is about personal giving.. so plz you need to gice and act on this hadees personally.For the sack of Organisation record there must be a pictorial report. This is the basic condition of donation in terms of transparency. Further, people like non-deserving can not take such donations of the deserving.