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Billion-tree afforestation project marred by poor planning — 2 Comments

  1. Khotan Lasht afforestration project is one of the successful project I have seen so far. Within span of three years we have witnessed barren land turning into green. This piece of land remained barren for so many years as the water irrigating this area was supposed to be not fit for growing any type of vegetation. We must appreciate the efforts of local forest department for proving this wrong. The survival rate of plants seems to be more than 80 percent which is technically very encouraging for such type of project. I request you properly investigate into this and not blame the authorities based on assumptions.

    • Khotanlasht is a disaster. Dunya paida biti khotan lashta kia giah no axi sher ugh no biko wajahen. Dizg and Istach are two villages located on the two sides of this barren huge land but these two villages have no water even to properly irrigate their crops. Salam to the planners of forest department who started planting trees here without first arranging water. Local people say the forest department had shown in papers that water pumps have been provided to Khotan Lasht to draw water from river. Where are these pumps.
      The plants are alien and most of them have disappeared from this desert and the remaining are stunt. irregularities have been rampant in this project across Chitral and I have heard that there are also ghost employees hired for taking care of plants.
      Proper investigation should be carried out by the government to expose the truth.