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My bill against Riba will end exploitation: MNA — 3 Comments

  1. Chitral has its own dynamics and being a remote district of KPK has so many challenges and this man is talking about Riba in the assembly rather talking about the difficulties Chitralis are confronting. This is his second tenure and he did not learn why he is in the assembly.

  2. After retirement of shahzada mohiuddin molana sahib has nothing to play politics on, so he keeps firing blank shots in the air now and then.Tomorrow he will say I have moved a bill to bring Islamic system of govt in Pakistan etc etc, all impractical and hypothetical statements and he knows that well.

  3. What a great leader, can someone asks from him,how the Saudi Arabia bank run their systems and how they pay profits to their clients and how they pay salaries. And specially islamic bank jaddah. People of chitral have many problems and issues to be addressed and this Mula is talking about Soodi system. Can someone tells him to go to court and challenge the pakistani banking system. And stop people of chitral from getting loan from banks and specially agriculture bank.