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Chitral varsity PD sends armed guards in bid to take over govt building in Booni — 2 Comments

  1. There is a big confusion here however; firstly, the education department has nothing to do with higher education should the building was leased to a University there must have been some legalities involved. They would probably have gone through the legal means to get back the building. Secondly, I am unable to understand the relation between a sub campus of SBBU and UoC? If the SBBU has formally been merged with UoC, had the matter of sub campuses was also resolved? if not, on what authority the PD of UoC is taking such a bold step as to sending over armed guards instead of referring the matter to Police? The article doesn’t address the question of legality of the actions of both the parties or there is another viewpoint? Is it the case that may be both these institutions thought that they have such powers invested in them by the Govt. of Pakistan that they can ignored the role of law enforcement agencies as they may desire and took matters in their own hands? if that’s what their perception of resolving the issues is; that is disappointing and deplorable. OR maybe its not as big an issue as it has been portrayed rather merely a muscle show?


  2. The PD should know the prestige of his office and also his person. He has lost his credibility very soon. First he pretended to have been kinapped to justify his request for armed police guards and later was exposed and his claim of kinapping proved a mere farce. He picked up an unnecessary fight with his accadamic staff for no justifiable reason except to prove that he is a big and powerful man. Now in his efforts to become big, he has stooped very low by forcibly trying to occupy Education office female. His overactings warrant that he be taught a lesson either by district administration or higher education department.
    Our children cannot learn ethical values from a person obsessed by vanity.