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Villager claims snow leopard killed his 18 goats — 3 Comments

  1. Snow leopard just kills one animal at a time and takes it to a safe place eats it and buries the leftovers in snow or rocks.
    It does not kill like this.

  2. Snow leopard belongs to cat family like tiger and lion. It eats what it kills and does not leave its prey as injured or lavishly killed like those of several animals at a time. It kills by suffocating an animal and eats according to its diet and none more. Hyena and wolf kills or injures animals like this.

  3. On the remarks of the owner, it is difficult to reach to any conclusion or let say can make an assumption as well. Without assessing the pug marks or fir that matter a scent sprayed from any of the cliff as an indication of establishing home range, after having confirmed the presence of Snow leopard in the southern part of Chitral this particular year or of its seasonal and sporadic visit in the past two to three consecutive years can be helpful to establish the owner’s claim. Otherwise, it has been a myth in Chitral that Snow leopard killed cow, goat this and that