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Gul Farzana from Booni appointed SDEO — 5 Comments

  1. What a a crap…so what if she is appointed at grade 16??? Is it necessary to mention she belongs to a family of this and that and his father conquered Siachin and things like??? Plsssssss, grow up!!!!!! People reached mars and we are acting like the foolests on planet earth. Honestly speaking, it hurts when we see things like this. A person would consider an insult to EXAGGERATE like even if she cracks CSS.

    • Bhai saab, thank u for appreciating one of ur chitrali sisters. Think before u comment, there is nothing mentioned about family or heredity. The only thing is mentioned about promotion of an asdeo to SDEO WHICH IS 17grade not 16.therefore u need to grow up mentally plz. Keep a big heart brother. your comment doesnt match the news at all.let the ppl enjoy their little joys plz.dont be dictator.

      • My apologies Madam Gul Farzana! It was misunderstanding. I had gone through some other story at an Urdu paper where a woman was promoted as SDEO or something like that. But the way it was reported in the local press was DISGUSTING. Not only she was praised but all her siblings including parents, and even her villagers were portrayed as if she did something extraordinary. So this was the reason I wanted to put the record straight that whatever the woman had done or achieved was not nothing new or exemplary. I am equally excited over your promotion…very well deserved promotion. Keep shining!

  2. Congratulation for well deserved promotion and this is indeed good news that graduate of AKU specialized in leadership and management has been promoted to key management position in Education department. Provision of quality education is a challenging task in the context of upper Chitral due to number of factors; however strong leadership can play significant role to overcome such challenges. I hope Gul farzana can play a vital role with her dynamic leadership to improve quality education. Wish you best of luck.

  3. We are proud of you kai.. This is because of your positive action nd positive thinking.. Go ahead.. Stay blessed..