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ٹیچرز ٹرنینگ اور ایجوکیشن بورڈ — 2 Comments

  1. Teacher Training is necessary as a secondary thing. First thing and the most neglected thing is to be expert in own subject. As a dumb cannot teach to talk similarly, a man not efficient in own skill can not teach just having the knowledge of how to teach only. It should be dealt as an extra knowledge with the skill one masters in.
    A man expert in own field should then know different skills to convey the knowledge and idea in his mind to others. Many people having M ed and B ed degrees with extra-ordinary teaching abilities have proved useless for their lacking capability of own subject of teaching. I know a man having different master degrees but he cannot write a paragraph on any of those subject in any language. I also came across a professor skilled in teaching educational skills. His students said to me that they hardly get his idea. It is just like to decorate a dilapidated building.

  2. Good to see some thoughts on the recent move to close teachers training institutions. It reminds me an English saying” bull in a China shop”.