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عوام کی خدمت کرکے فخر محسوس کرتے ہیں: وزیرزادہ — 4 Comments

  1. We have full confidence in Mr. Wazir Zada but unfortunately there are developments which show that the Minorities MPA is being misled and misused by the opportunists in PTI. The feud with Mawlana Chitrali started after the transfer of Principal of the High School Chitral. It is alleged that the said Principal was very strict with the development work being done at Chitral Parade ground.The Incharge of the development work at Paradeground is relative of a PTI worker who is said to be the Secretary of Mr Wazir Zada. On demand of this Secretary the Principal was transferred to Laspure. Friends of the transferred Principal approached Mawlana Chitrali and then this drama started. Mr Wazir Zada is requested to focus on his work and not to follow instruction of rejected opportunists within his party.

  2. MPA Wazir zada is doing his level best to serve the people of chitral.Every one has an easy access to him and takes personal intrest in every matter..

  3. تحریک انصاف کے پانچ کارندوں نے اس کاغذ کو اپنی نمائش کیلئے جس طریقے سے تھاما ہواہے اس میں دکھاوے کا عنصر اغلب اور خدمت کاعنصر موقود ہے۔

  4. A brar awel tan Kalash community o te khidmat kori hetan pasmandagio oche ghurbato kam kore. Baqi Chitralo royan te khimat o bache hetan muntakhab namainda asuni. Pura chitralo leader biko zarurat niki.