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House set on fire by unknown people — 3 Comments

  1. Let us see what Chitral Police does here. We should expect police to trace the evil and show his success. No doubt it is a test case for Police.

  2. Nib the evil at the bud, this is a clarion call for the local administration, lest the evil should slip out to proliferate in the entire area. For God sake save this small peace of land, which has remained peaceful for times immemorial, from the evil forces that have started taking roots. Peace is a treasure if we understand it. It is your responsibility my friends in the Police to curb such happenings. The ugly incident of murder in Yarkhun area in the recent past is still fresh in the minds of people.

  3. This news is really shocking if it is correct as has been reported. We are there in the far flung mountainous areas of Chitral only for one reason, that it has always been the abode with peace and tranquility. If this is not there then there is no other cogent reason to have more sufferings on being over there. Thorough investigation is requested from the police so that the culprits do not go free.