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A tribute to my maternal uncle – Moulana Muhammad Ashraf — 10 Comments

  1. Dear Maulana baba you did many many extraordinary works in your life to make differences in the lives of others. you had really a great vision with wonderful impacts and you are our great asset. Today we are enjoying excellent learning environment here only because of your great vision and tireless efforts.
    We deem our selves lucky to be the descendants of yours.
    May Allah bless you with good health and happiest life.

    Qazi Shahid Ullah NUST Islamabad Campus

  2. There are many people that can be called gems of society and exploring their life and contributions can not only be a very interesting read but can also add to our rich history and culture. We need more writers for this to enlighten the new generation.

  3. No one else ever knows the strength of a teacher’s love for his people, despite his pupils. I salute Col (R) Ikram -Ullah Khan sb, who acknowledged the great services of a great educational leader Maulana Muhammad Ashraf of Laspur. Col sb nicely summarized the glorious periods of his life, who preferred to devote his entire life for noble cause of serving the people in the field of education to make difference in their lives. His love for knowledge became the great source of inspiration for young generations of entire Laspur Valley. He proved himself a great educational leader, facilitator, motivator and change agent to make primary school Baleem a great learning center for the pupils of Sorlaspur, Baleem and Broke in 1960.
    No doubt, limitations live only in our minds if we willing to do something differently possibilities become limitless. Maulana Uncle had such qualities that there is no limitations in his mind and believed to make everything limitless by his strong determination and continue hard working. We know well that beautiful faces found everywhere, but beautiful minds are difficult to find anywhere, like Maulana Muhammad Ashraf sb. I feel proud to quote here inthe golden words of Maulana uncle “if you are not willing to do something extraordinarily no one can help you. If you are fully determined to do something extraordinarily no one can stop you”. This was the message which made our lives meaningful.
    As a reward Allah blessed him with great son like Dr Faizi, who feels proud to serve him in the age of 96.
    Happiness knocks at the door of those people first, who love to suffer to make the lives of others. Maulana sb was among those people.
    He always tried to inspire others by his actions and words. People with God gifted abilities and minds like Maulana s uncle always set such glorious example for other people to follow. Shortly determination, commitment, hard working, honesty, truthfulness, fairness, forgiveness, tolerance, kindness, love and respect for humanity were contributing factors to make his personality different from others.
    He really deserves much tributes and appreciations to acknowledge his countless efforts and unbelievable contributions to make Laspur Valley, the land of knowledge loving people. May Allah bless him with good health and long life.

  4. Very true Muhtarm col miki sb,
    Respected Baba is very honest, committed and loving personality. Proud of you Baba and May you live long happy and healthy. Ameen

  5. Worth reading and sharing. Col sahib has given a pen picture of a true,comitted and dedicated teacher of our times.Mukarram Shah, Fazluddin and Ali Akber sahib used to tell us about his towering personality.May he live long.

  6. Dear Shahid! A small little correction about my rank. I am not a lieutenant Colonel, I am Colonel(r). God bless.

  7. As a famous quotation of Shakespear goes” bravity is the soul of wit” , Col Ikramullah Khan has expressed himself in a summary of events spread over pretty 6 dacades of his own life and many years in the past.I can only Thank him to show my deepest gratitude and acknowledgment.