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Youth suicides in Chitral — 3 Comments

  1. Sabir brother, I guess you have not been blessed to grasp the message correctly. I am not saying facebook and flutter the reasons behind suicide rather these are modern tools which have entered the local culture in a very short sale of time. Culture is a very important variable in suicidal research. Twitter and facebook do not cause suicide directly rather these induce modern aspirations among the youth which come in clash with traditions. The result is increased dissatisfaction and least satisfied individuals are more vulnerable to suicides. It is a theoretical statement which has been verified repeatedly a number of researches.
    You argue that illiteracy and poverty are reasons. Correct yourself Chitral is having highest literacy rate and since the last decade poverty has such substantially decreased. Look at the living standard of people and compare it with other districts. No one kills himself because of absolute poverty. I have studied substantial literature over it and linked it with ground data. You can read my thesis which is having more than 150 references and my research paper having about 70 citations. Newspaper article is a short and all the explanations could not be summarized here. You are giving layman explanations. Academically, things are different. You can study literature over it.

  2. The subject is serious and need attention from all walks of life of the community.In my view the reason behind is unemployment, lack of recreational activities.Some serious efforts are required to increase the income level so that an ordinary person of the area can easily get the basic needs of life at least.I hope with opening of lawari tunnel the area will come out of isloation.

  3. The research by the gentleman is based on flimsy evidence. My advice to these kind of researchers they must not tarnish the image of the area by writing such works. This could be a good piece to befool an outsider supervisor in order to get a thesis approved but a misleading stuff is a disservice to the area. For example he claims that his survey revealed reason behind increasing suicide rate is due to twitter and facebooking. Oh come on gentleman, a girl living in Broghil or in the jungles of Madaklasht or Jinjirat, Lon, Gohkir, Ursun, Arandu, etc. had not even hard of what you are talking about.
    And the reason why the suicide rate is going up at an alarming rate is mainly due to domestic problems. And to a greater extent it is because of illiteracy and inferiority complex. A girl who knows usage of twitter will not go for a suicide rather she would take her defectors to task like it happens in cities.
    In most of the cases, the girls in Chitral are not 100 percent under pressure to bow down before their parents’ wish. In most areas, parents do get the consent of their girls. And say no if the girl is not interested to marry someone. So, to cut the long story short, it is illiteracy coupled with poverty or not being able to do well in studies [only here then gentleman is right] which compels the girls to take the extreme step of ending their lives.