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  1. In the name of Polo Festival, the Pass of Shandur gets filled with enthusiasts and tourists and lovers of culture and heritage and it is best in the interest of the country and promoting healthy activities. The boundaries of Mastuj and Ghizar that were both the provinces of Chitral in the last statehood are marked and historical since the pre-historic era and there is no question about that. A stream on the other side of the Shandur pass down road is the boundary between the two areas. Now, when the event has won fame all over the world, the administration of Gilgit or may be some third element has started provoking the Ghizar and Gilgit public towards the new theory to claim the area and persuading the people towards a quarrel for that. It is not in national interest and as there is least atttention given to national matters so the situation gets more gross.
    Why did this not happen 20 years or even 50 years ago. Government should not bother itself towards heavy guarding the festival but instead once and for ever announce the real and centuries old demarcation of boundaries instead should unleash the old regulations of the century old state of Chitral to tackle the problem. When the superior authority will be weak quarrels will get strong.