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Environmental threats in Chitral and Us — 22 Comments

  1. I have had the privilege to be one of the ‘apprentices’ of Shah Karez sahib for a period of time spanning more than six years, until his most recent retirement,and I have been one of the lucky ones with whom Shah Karez sahib would discuss all the contemporary issues including the environmental challenges – from local to global contexts. And as such, we have been the prime beneficiaries of the many facets of his grand scholarship.
    In this article the learned author has proved his mettle to be an environmentalist par excellence. The article has to be republished in national news sites as well.
    There is an inverse relationship between energy consumption and environmental degradation universally: The more we conserve energy and power resources the more we help heal the Earth itself. And at the base of the problem lies the menace of population explosion which has been occurring since the agricultural revolution as well as with the antibiotics discovery and immunization globally. It is said that the world population had always remained below one billion until the mid 19th century largely due to natural checks and balances.
    The chief protracted environmental issues in Chitral and elsewhere have been due to the lack of will for environmental management and there is nothing like a free lunch in this world: Obviously environmental considerations will cost money and funding prioritization at the government level. If the carbon credit system and environmental CSR are effectively enforced it will help halt the degradtion eventually.
    The environmental toll has been and would be huge if we continue treading on the path of sole rampant commercialization. Vegetation is the lungs absornent of carbon and our very instantaneous existence depends upon the atmospheric gaseous balance. And once it’s perturbed wouldn’t be royal to curb for millennia or so.

  2. Indeed the ideas in this post indicate about one of the contemporary serious issue.If we are a literate civil society and moving towards positive stage then we have to deal with it in a scientific way. Otherwise, inventing a lie after a loss would be a part of our habit. I assume the IDV report has covered human population growth and its affect on the environmental degradation as well. Developmental history tells us that there is a strong positive relationship between these two as more people demand more resources that directly affects the natural environment.

  3. A very informative piece of writing sir!
    Being the student of town planning I understand the need of comprehensive Master plan for our district along with all other environmental considerations you discussed.
    Every year the final year students of our department i.e City and Regional Planning Department of UET Lahore prepare master plan of a district as a compulsory final year project,recently the master plan of Haripur is prepared.
    I am thinking to convince our department to select Chitral as next district.
    How will the District Adminstration be convinced in this regard?Or what other suggestions should be taken into account?

  4. پرائ شادی میں عبدللہ دیوانہ .. جنگل جہاں ہیں یہ ان لوگوں کا مسلح ہے .. چرووں اور شاہ بلوط کا اپس میں کوئی رشتہ ؟؟

    • Dear Dr. Khalil, I beg to disagree with your comment which sound very selfish. Unlike some people who cannot think beyond their own “self”, own “house” and own “village”, the learned writer (Mr. Shah Karez) is concerned about the entire Chitral. As a professional and expert, he is concerned about the entire Chitral – not just Charun. It does not matter, where the “ShahBaloot” is, if the environment is degraded and polluted, all of us will be effected by it. The learned writer,based on his wealth of knowledge and rich experience, has made very wise and timely recommendations for the concerned authorities and people of Chitral to do something to save the environment, before it is too late.

  5. A very well write up highlighting main causes of enviromental degradation. Very informative indeed.

  6. A well and on time write up on environmental degradation, potential threats to rural livelihoods and sustenance of mountain communities and some of the key developmental issues and challanges in Chitral. In the current scanario of rapid climate change it is very pertinent and important that all relevant institutions and organizations as well as the communities work together in a holistic manner towards conservation and better management of available environmental resources for the present and future generations of Chitral.

    Yes, Chitral districts is one of the few districts in Pakistan having its road map in the form of an integrated development vision (IDV) approved and adopted by the Zilla Council earlier. The Chitral IDV was developed after thorough consultations with all communities, women groups and minorities in the districts and commissioning studies on thematic areas including agriculture, water, forest, biodiversity,environment, tourism and mineral resources etc by engaging national level technical experts by the world conservation union (IUCN) Chitral and the only thing is its implementation in true letter and spirit.

  7. An educative and timely contribution from a well reputed social scientist for environmental sustainability of Chitral. It is high time for all of us, our policy makers, NGOs and all other stakeholders to recognize the intensity of the issue and play our due role to revert the situation before it is too late.

  8. The publication of the article on burning issue is very timely. It is a big effort towards a big cause. All the stakeholders should sit together for implementing the suggestions mentioned in the article.

  9. Very well written and indeed article from a rural specialsit who had been part of many orginization which have worked on enviroment can be high importance for making planns and execution stratagies to save further degredarion of enviroment.

  10. Very well-articulated and an eye opener article about the environmental threats in Chitral in particular and in general across Pakistan. Even if any of the following indicative suggestions are bring into action it will contribute a lot to environmental degradation. Kudos to Shah Sb.

  11. This piece is an eye opener for every individual and the concerned authorities. Our vigilance for the protection of our environment today will determine our future in the area. Indeed, its a now or never situation for the district.

  12. A very well written article, highlighting a very crucial issue of the entire district with very valid suggestions. Every citizen and institution should play vital role in this regard.

  13. Highly valuable write up, really an eye opener for all the stakeholders. Shah sb, Pl keep it up.

  14. Thanks you Sir, I was looking for such an analysis and with your permission may use it for my thesis preparation.

  15. A comprehensive and well-written article on the issue of environmental degradation in Chitral. Shah Karez sab has a vast experience of work in the NGO sector; and his apprehensions expressed in this piece reflect the gloomy picture of the impending threats posed by the degradation of the environment. It’s high time all the stakeholders put in their their best to save the environment for the generations to come. Kudos to Shah sab!