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PPP Upper Chitral workers criticize party’s district leadership — 4 Comments

  1. People party is going down big time. I don’t understand the PPP chitral leaders invited Haji GM to the party to mint money from him. But now expect from the leadership not to send ticket holders from above.

  2. People party is one political party which has exploited the poor people the most. On coming to power it only concentrates on corruption and making illegal money. It’s members are open bought and sold in senate elections etc. This party should be banned for cheating the poor and not delivering anything on ground.

  3. It is a bargaining campaign for ticket. PPP has already lost its former position after it was high jacked by Zadari and Co.

  4. Chitral PPP and all over the Pakistan model PPP following Zardari model. They need to win their own seat to make money.like Zardari focused on Sind to win the election and to bring his own Chief Minister and cabinet to make money. It’s a first step to democracy. So district PPP leadership is truly follow its leaders. Rotte, kapra and makan.jeyee buttus plus z and b