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پولیو مہم میں غفلت برتنے پرملازمت سے برخاستگی کا حکم — 1 Comment

  1. Wish if the DC could have issued a similar warning thate the families where suicide cases are reported will be interrogated, punished and tried under anti-terrorism act. I would rather suggest to the DC to issue circulars to all the mosques and Jamatkhanas with a warning to the area people that any negligence for loss of a precious life due any domestic violence on part of the concerned family will have to be ready for a severe punishment. Give it a try Sudhair sb and believe me it will be enough to put a full stop to this menace. The rise in suicide cases is mainly due to domestic violence because it is either due to cruel behaviour of step mothers or wife beater hubbies. Go for it sayeen and make history.