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مرحوم زین العابدین، ایک دُرویش انسان تھے — 4 Comments

  1. khush-fehmiyon ke silsilay bhi kitne daraaz hain, har eent samajh bethi hai ke deewar mujh se hai.

  2. Nice and comprehensive write up about a lovely personality.But in his personality the strong sense of service of humanity, honesty, harmony, tolerance, patience, sympathy, kindness, respect and optimistic approach were the contributing factors to make his personality different from others. He had a great potential and high qualities of leadership such as positive attitude, visionary approach, commitment, clear communication, wisely selection of words in discussion etc that were dominant in his personality. Luckily he succeeded to transfer these qualities to his worthy sons. May Allah rest his noble soul in peace.

  3. Beautiful portrayal of a person whose character is a beacon of light for all of his descendants. It might be difficult to emulate him but I am sure his progeny will continue the legacy he left behind. No wonder, he has already passed the legacy on to his worthy sons to continue. May his soul rest in peace.

  4. Dear Shams sb,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Abbaji. Although it is not humanly possible to capture Abbaji’s personality in one write up; you have done justice to the subject. He lived his life like a candle in the wind. May his soul rest in eternal peace so do we pray and may Allah grant us each a little from Abbaji’s huge legacy to carry forward. Ameen!