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  1. demolition of the Ismaili Hostel by a mob was a tragic and turning event in the history of Chitral. Most people of the area and even the participant might not know the reasons properly. Eventually, a Mullah discussing some religious point that differed in the Sunni Ismaili theology was beaten up by some people of Buni that irritated people of lower Chitral and they moved towards the said hostel to make agitation and vacate it of the people of upper Chitral. Seeing the mob nearing the hostel a man armed with a .22 gun from inside the hostel and another government officer with a .303 Gorai rifle from across the river i-e officers colony Denin started shooting at the mob. seeing their fellow men being shot the mob turned furious and then what happened is not needed to be narrated but one thing is essential and that is this that difference of mind set up and religious theory of communities is giving political and financial benefit to some selfish elements who use the monopoly of religion as their token of success.

  2. I don’t think it is right time to discuss some flammable incident in the mid Rmadan ,, There is right time for remembrance. The sympathetic worlds towards the building could be irritating for those who have lost their loved ones in the said tragedy. Obviously it was the only place where number of Ismaili students coming from far flung areas of chitral were residing .. but some people don’t even like to listen about any thing related to the said incident. We must think to make our future batter instead. The remembrance of the black day of 1982 and the forced conversion of Ismailis by Ex-Mehtar of Chitral gives us nothing more than sorrows and refresh the wounds on both sides.

  3. Good memories. There were political motives behind the incidence where this hostel was demolished. The memories of 1982 incidence is still alive in the mind of both sects suni and ismaili, but it was not a fault of both sects. This disturbance was created through a well planned mission.

  4. Salute to you Sir. Good people never forget even a glass of water or a cup of tea offered by someone with sincerity.Sow can we forget the gigantic and unforgettable work that helped in carrying out the first world of Kalam Ilahi(IQRA).

  5. Good attempt.Sweet memories. Two corrections, one, Peer Marahmat Shah instead of Karam Ali Shah, Rahmat Azam instead of Sher Azam.