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MNA warns dirty politics on supply of Golen Gol power to Upper Chitral — 3 Comments

  1. PEDO must explain the reason why is there dead silence on their part. Apparently no technical reason exists to allow needed power through existing infrastructure to Upper Chitral. Even if such reason exists the remedial measures should be known to the people. Keeping dumb creates suspicions as to the motives behind which will not be in the interest of PEDO nor the PTI government.

  2. In this regard we also request the PTI MPA Fouzia to take up this lingering issue with the Chief Minister and resolve it at their earliest. All the MPA, s and MNA are requested to exercise team work and forget the party affiliation for the time being, just for the sake of larger community issue.

  3. MNA Iftikhar has painted the correct picture. We strongly urge our two MPAs to take up this issue on a priority basis with the Chief Minister. There may be other technical issues involved with delivering Golen Gol electricity through PEDO lines to upper Chitral but those can be sorted out once PEDO accepts this distribution. PTI government will be a big loser if PEDO creates hurdles in the way of supplying available electricity to upper Chitral. PEDO should have started work on this long ago. It will be unfair with upper Chitral when they see lower Chitral being connected to an abundance of good quality electricity while they will still be in darkness.