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District admin trying to occupy private land, say protesters — 3 Comments

  1. My question to the Government and rulers of Pakistan is why land/mountains are sold in Murree (Punjab) per kanal and considered private property? why? My question is why mountains/land in Nathiagali (KPK) are considered as private land and sold in kanals by owners for crores of rupees. Why? Why mountains in Banigala Islamabad are sold at rate of per kanal as private property? One Pakistan different laws for different areas? why? The notification of 1975 says that people will have traditional/legacy rights of grazing and using forest for personal use only and as per revenue records the ownership will be with the Government of Pakistan. This needs to be challenged in the Supreme Court of Pakistan, as it is openly against the charter of property rights.

  2. Why the affected people not challenge the matter in the court? Instead of requesting COAS for intervention these people should challenge decision of district administration in the court which is best forum. The affected people should register writ petition in Peshawar High court if their claim is geniun.

  3. The pti-led kp government is out to create a mess in Chitral. This action of the dc would have serious repercussions. The pti leaders in Chitral must intervene.