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C&W staff drawing salaries without performing duty — 12 Comments

  1. Totally disgusting…..you can see a visible difference between the conditions of Chitral before honourable XEN Mr Maqbool Azam and now. That’s the problem with us we never see what is done we only focus what is missing. Kindly incourage our compitant officer and cooperate with them to make a developed Chitral….thank you.

  2. Good job by Farooqi. continue your probing in this regard, open the eyes of PTI government and trace out the ghost employees in upper Chitral also. Because the same practices exercised there. If reality is not presented in stark naked form, it simply turns in to hypocrisy. The other journalist of Chitral are also requested to follow Farooqi in such a matter for the sake of public interest.

  3. This report is a challenge to the accountability claims of Imran Khan and KP government. Accountability does not mean only getting after Nawaz Sharif, but starts here, in matters like this. Let us see what will be done.

  4. Dear GH Farooqi Sahib,

    Great Job, now whats next?
    Lets get together and approach the C&W and ask for the result of this report, I am willing to give all my time for this untill the individuals gets what they deserve and the salaries should be returned to the Govt account, if not then those staff should repair the roads from their pocket. or give public apology not via e-mail but in the presence of poor people not politicians, its us the poor people who are affected by these soulless people.

    • Dear friend I am ready each and every time for the service of Chitral people just call me at 03205989602, 03469002167, 03337069572 and me ready to go to C&W and DC office that why they releasing salaries of these absent staff perhapes for some bribe

  5. well done G.H Farooqi sab…you did highlight a very much needed issue in a very bold manner…this is called an active journalist…you won our heart sir..

  6. This is a very serious disclosure. Anti corruption agencies and NAB should take notice of it immediately.

  7. Well done G H Farouqi. You are doing a very good job in highlighting such issues in our district. I know that this is not an easy thing to do especially when you report of erring government departments. The people of Chitral appreciate your good work. Remain strong. Thank you Chitral Today for publishing this with names and details.

  8. The only focus of PTI Govt is education the rest of the departments have been running as usual since 2013.

    • You are absolutely right. The department dealing with mega projects are as usual track as in previous governments. Actually transperency should be in such departments where there is money involved.