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Aftab Ghazi inducted in KP revenue authority — 20 Comments

  1. Heartiest congratulations! Aftab Ghazi brar you very well deserve it, wish you all the best.

  2. Aameen. I am thankful to all of you for your messages and good wishes on my appointment. God bless you, hamish khoshan halbor.

  3. Many congratulations dear brother. When I came to know first I was a little surprised but then when saw that it was HR that you chose, I was happy for you. As a matter of fact, you deserve even better than grade 18. I am sure you will serve the people of KPK and the govt. well. We have our best wishes and prayers for you. Stay blessed.


  4. Dear Aftab, Congrats on you appointment. KP government has much to gain from your experience and exposure in HR. Hope you can bring some change in the out dated office environment in the government. Wish you luck and every fortune.

  5. Aftab,You have proven that you were, indeed the best one for the job. Congratulations for this to all in the KHANADAN. I wish you all the best.

  6. I congratulate Mr Aftab Khan Ghazi, on his truly deserved appointment. He has supported and guided many chitralis and non chitralis while his work in UN-IOM and USAID. Hope he will continue to do that in his new role.

  7. Heartiest congratulations Aftab lal , You were most deserving candidate for the vacant position based on your qualification and experiences. wish you all best for future.

  8. My heartiest felicitations may please be be conveyed toAftab Ali Ghazi and entire family on his induction in BPS 18 in KPKRA. We feel proud of you Aftab

  9. @ Hassan Mr Aftab is a distinguised HR professional in his field and has over 10 years of work experience with UN and USAID.
    He is qualified from London and has gone through NTS to qualify for this. No politics on allowed.

  10. Shrug! The above mentioned appointment in grade 18, reflects all the hiring are done on merit. The local PTI leadership had no say in appointments whatever. An ordinary man is still moving from pillar to post but the kith and kin close to the provincial leadership are still being given lucrative position under the pretext of so-called merit. The PTI government has failed to ensure merit and there is no difference between ANP regime and the incumbent government. Those who are resourceful still manage to induct their children no matter how incompetent they are.

    • I dont think so. he is a competent person. and Yes if u have any evidance for that why dont u comeup with tht

  11. Congratulations dear brother. Wish you many more success ahead in future. Great proud of you