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EX-PM Nawaz expected to visit Chitral — 5 Comments

  1. Meeting of PML(N) leaders of Chitral with ex & sitting Prime Ministers of Pakistan inviting them to come to Chitral for inauguration of Golen Gol Hydro Power Projects and Gas Depots in Chitral is the wisest step taken by our local leaders. Well done leaders.

    This shall be the golden chance and the easiest way of obtaining grant of subsidy on electricity for Chitral as the people of Dargai and Warsak areas have it from government in the Centre. This is the right as well as high time that our people of Chitral in general, public representatives and the political leaders in particular should now join and invite both the Prime Ministers and Ministers and welcome them wholeheartedly in Chitral. We should not let this chance go waste. We should no doubt have high respect in our hearts for leaders who have done their best for Chitral and have always been supporting and respecting them.

  2. Nawaz sharif says that Chitralies can not speak urdu properly so i am coming to teach them for coming election that I am the only one able for their vote. This visit only for vote and good time for loly pop after 4 years load shading and darkness to the chitrali people.

  3. Nawaz Sharif’s contribution in construction of Lowari Tunnel would always be remembered.

  4. we all should anxiously wait for & wholeheartedly welcome our ex and sitting Prime Ministers in Chitral. They have no doubt done best for Chitral. Ex PM announcement for writing off loan is still awaited. At the same time we all should give shabash to our MNA for his efforts putting behind electricity. Gas Fiber Nets & roads for Chitral.

  5. Thank you NS for the true services you had done for Chitral. The fact that the MNA is from your detest party, MPAs from opponent and no single representation in village level. You visit twice Chitral.

    I am ardent supporter of democracy NOT dynastic one.We Chitralis should know who is our well wisher and who is fuller Locally and nationally. Allah SWT give us strength.

    My request to Chitralitoday.pl publish the comment without editing or don’t